Sacha Bryce is a Canadian, world travelling , yoga teacher. Her passion stems from her belief in the power of the practice for mental, spiritual, and physical therapeutic healing. Through the exploration of movement and form in the body we begin to learn about our inner world and the nature of the mind. As we practice connecting inside ourselves we learn how to harmoniously connect with all of life.

She has recently been based in Cambodia at Hariharalaya Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center and Song Saa Private Island, as the residential yoga instructor. With her background in Psychology and over 500RYT hours of yoga training and continuing education, her mission is to share the benefits of the practice to all beings.

She studied Psychology at the University of Toronto and has trained as well as  taught in Oregon, America, where she was mentored in an integrated Yoga Life program. India, Canada, Indonesia and Thailand were her base locations where she completed further training.