Breaking the conditions of TRAVEL & FEAR. On route to India. I feel fear.
Fear of the unknown. Fear of the feeling of being alone and in some potential danger.
Fear that I’m not well enough prepared and that life will somehow punish me.
I see you.
I welcome you.
Maybe some people feel this way their whole lives- the anxiety of thinking things are not in the right place. The refusal of reality as it is. Fear.

The practice of yoga teaches me to see and notice the sensation of fear and lean into it- feel into it- allowing it to come and then go – as all things do. When we see this- we don’t need to push our way through the flow of life. People seem to think all of their circumstances are totally under their control. However this is simply not possible as we are well aware of the infinite complicated elements that constantly interacting to create life – in each moment, in each day, in each lifetime.

Life is constantly unfolding and our freedom comes in how we respond to it. Nothing is actually wrong – except perhaps the thought that there is. When you are in doubt whether or not what you are doing is “good” for you- just check in with the results of the thoughts or actions. 

Karma, the consequences of your actions are constantly unfolding before you- allowing you to assess and adjust your actions based on the results. You choose your karma. Moving forward. One breath at a time.

Knowing there is nothing actually wrong with this moment, except perhaps thoughts about it. The practice helps us to see things how yoga they really are.

“Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.” –  Soren Kierkegaard

Fear… Freedom… one breath away- we get to choose.

See you tomorrow India!